It is expected that there will be a drastic change in environment and climate within the next 50 years. So, we need to secure places for people to live under such conditions. Many architects and researchers have come up with concept cities for the future. Please watch the following videos and see how your future cities might look like.

Paris Smart City 2050

French firm Vincent Callebaut has designed a future city with multiple high rise buildings having positive energy output (BEPOS).The plan addresses the major sustainability problems of the city. It will reduce the greenhouse gas emission by 2050. The project encourages people to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles. The towers that are designed fit within the existing framework of the city. There are passive heating and cooling system, rainwater retention, etc. to make the buildings self-sustainable. There is insertion of a garden within the building and hanging gardens as well. You will get a feel of the rural environment within the city.

Sub-Biosphere 2

Water can be a solution to overcrowding of the population. Phil Pauley’s Sub-Biosphere 2 is a self-contained community. During good weather conditions, it will float on water and during adverse weather conditions, it will become like a submarine and avoid those rough waves.

Floating City Project

The Seasteading Institute has been doing research for the past five years to find an innovative community. It is a self-contained community that floats on water. It will rely on clean energy sources. We may expect the first floating city by 2020.
These designs are very promising. They have addressed the climatic, environmental and energy issues that will affect the future. So, the new generation might end up living in one of these futuristic cities.