Manhattan is said to be the most densely populated borough of New York City.It was founded in 1683. It consists of the Manhattan Island, bounded by Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers. It is also surrounded by small islands and Marble Hill. Manhattan is known as the financial and cultural capital of the world. It is the home to world’s tow biggest stock exchanges: the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Here are some interesting historical facts about Manhattan.

1. About Captain Henry Hudson


He was a Dutch agent whose crew didn’t like him. He failed to find a Northwest Passage to Asia, and he was fired for this reason. But he continued his search through the North River. His crew froze and stranded him in the Hudson Bay.

2. Peter Minuit bought Manhattan for $24


He was the third New Netherland governor of the Dutch West India Company. He bought Manhattan from a local Indian tribe for $24, which is now equivalent to $700. The Indian tribe wanted the Dutch to form an economic and a military alliance with them; that’s why they sold the land to them.

3. The Wall Street had a wall


A wall was built in 1653 on Wall Street. It was constructed by the slaves to keep out the English from entering the Wall Street region.

4. New Yorkers and local tribes had a great relationship


There was no clash between the New Yorkers and the local tribes. Suddenly, Governor William Kieft massacred the surrounding Indians to take revenge for the murder of one of his citizens. This put the rest of the tribe in a permanent war against the New Yorkers.

5. New Yorkers didn’t care if they were ruled by the English or the Dutch


Towards the end, it didn’t bother New Yorkers if the English or the Dutch were ruling them. They were developing a real sense of American identity.

All these history gave shape to the modern Manhattan. It’s now one of the busiest areas in New York with many business prospects.