With the rate of pollution increasing and the population growing, there will be some drastic change in NYC over the next 35 years. Here are four major changes you can expect in NYC.

Climate change


Climate change will affect various aspects of our lives in future. There will be more heat in summer and so the chances of big storms will increase. Due to the storm, eight percent of the city’s shorelines will have seawater coming onto the streets. The sea level will rise between 11 and 21 inches by 2050. You might see 43 miles of the city’s shoreline to flood daily due to the increase in sea level.

City will be older


The city will be much older by 2050. The number of elderly people will grow. According to research conducted by the researchers at Cornell University, about 1.5 million New Yorkers will be of age 65 years or older. The heat waves that are expected will pose a health problem for these people. It is predicted that 1,200 to 1,500 people will die each summer from heat. Actions must be taken to deal with this issue.

More energy consumption


If there is high temperature, then more air conditioning will be required. More demand for energy will increase the risk of blackouts. More people are now affluent enough to use air conditioning. So, the city’s grid will become vulnerable.

City built upside down


The sea level of Manhattan is expected to rise. The early inhabitants of New York settled the waterfront. But the developers in the 19th century found cemeteries in the highest points of the city, like Green-Wood, Maple Grove and Cypress Hills. So, it is likely that buildings will be built, and people will start living in those high regions of the city instead of the waterfront.

Enough measures are not being taken to deal with the future environmental threats. People are still releasing carbon dioxide into the air, and they are still building homes near the waterfront. It is the time that we start building our fences to deal with the upcoming catastrophic events.